Stress Less: Mood And Inflammation

Stress Less: Inflammation, Mood And Way To Hack Both​

Did you know that the most significant predictor of heart disease is not smoking or diet? It’s not anything you do for that matter. Tune in to the next episode of Life Blow Up Prevention Project and find out how you can easily elevate your moods AND cut down the root of all evil – inflammation, in one delicious moment. Share, subscribe and stress less!


Hello and welcome back to the Life Blow Up Prevention Project. Today we’re going to talk about preventing drama,  preventing stress by preventing inflammation.

Everybody’s talking about how inflammation is the root of all evil. All chronic illnesses, whether it’s cancer, whether it’s diabetes or autoimmune disorders, they all have one common denominator. And that is inflammation. And there’s a lot of conversation in the media about decreasing inflammation with a diet, with exercise with decreasing environmental toxicity, but sumething we don’t talk about enough is the impact of our emotions on inflammation.

There are studies showing that the most powerful predictor of heart disease it’s not smoking, it’s not drinking, it’s not eating fatty beef. It’s helplessness. And on the flip side, experience of awe is the most powerful predictor for the lowest level of pro-inflamatory cytokine Interlukin 6. It is really really important for us to recognize how we feel and the cultivation of emotions.

It’s not just this fluffy thing that we’re supposed to do and walk around with smiles on our faces, but it actually affects  very specifically our physical body.

So in order to not just feel better, emotionally, but to also help prevent chronic illness and help prevent inflammation, experiencing and cultivating positive emotions, including, and especially the sense of awe can be very, very powerful and very helpful.

So, how do you do that? Practice gratitude. On the way to work. Look at the sunrise,  look at the city that you live in, I don’t know, look at the fact that, wow, today I’m walking and I’m not seeing potholes, I don’t know what this is, find ways to notice the good stuff experience it fully, and see your inflammation drain out of your body. If this is helpful, subscribe and share, and I will see you at  the next episode of Life Blow Up Prevention Project. 

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