Hello, my name is Ania.

I am not normal. I am a contradiction. 

I am kind unless I am not, aloof unless I decide to be fiercely loyal. I enjoy Dostoevsky as much as a raunchy sex novel, Guns and Roses as much as Maria Callas. I am a chocolate snob, hungry for any kind of learning and in constant need for reinvention. 

I don’t have many friends, but the ones I have are for life. I live with one foot on the earth and one in the mystic world of nature, energy and spirit while being an adamant proponent and practitioner of science. Love is my primary language and I am not above kicking ass when someone I playing a victim. I am a chameleon without trying to be because I am all that people see. I am equally happy riding a bike for 100 miles in one day as I am with my ass on the couch eating salt and pepper potato chips and watching BBC melodrama on Netflix.

My biggest joy – meandering philosophical conversation on the nature of reality. My superpower – seeing people for who they are and not judging them, making them feel seen and heard. My biggest fear – not being understood and being forced to eat shrimp.

Introvert without a gift of gab, I am often described as a stuck up bitch and I’m OK with it if I can avoid small talk. I am intense, introspective and constantly demanding more of myself. My deepest desire is to belong, which I do. After 5 decades of seeking home I finally belong to myself. 

Why do you want to learn anything from me? 

I have lived in 6 countries and transitioned to three different careers. I experienced marriage, motherhood, separation and reconciliation, divorce, loss of pregnancy, birth and death of friendships and relationships. I was a fashion model in Paris, went back to school twice and traveled around the world. I lived behind the Iron Curtain during the Cold War era and through the turbulent collapse of the communist regime. I have lost loved ones to cancer. I’ve lived through emotional and physical abuse, discrimination, prejudice, violence, shame, self judgment and learned a lot in the process. 

Change and transition were one constant in my life and I have gotten to be both comfortable with it and quite good at navigating changes and helping others do the same.

My career reflects the journey towards personal healing and I have taken many people along with me, so they can find their own. 

As a certified master coach, health coach, acupuncturist, herbalist, speaker and educator I utilize my 21 years of experience in healthcare and personal development to guide clients through many aspects of getting their lives just where they want it. Mind. Body. Emotions.

During 17 years of clinical practice at the Center for Integrative Medicine at one of Chicago main teaching hospitals, I guide patients through their health crisis and then help them use their illness experience as a platform for creating health, discovering purpose, organizing priorities, improving relationships and communication, eliminating fear and creating a better future normal. In my coaching practice I do the same sans the illness.

I lecture locally and nationally on the subjects of integrative medicine, emotional mastery, dealing with fear, life purpose, burnout and longevity. I have published studies on acupuncture and Chinese medicine and articles on subject of integrative medicine aimed at educating medical doctors on the benefits of integrative approach to health. I help develop programs and teach mindfulness and self-care to medical students, faculty and community at large.

Chicago is home. For now….

If you are interested in my education and letters behind my name, connect with me on LinkedIn. If you want to watch from afar what I am doing, connect via Facebook or Instagram. We can start chatting over there

“Before I worked with Ania, I went through breast cancer twice … I am better able to appreciate, honor, and love myself and trust that my feelings, thoughts, beliefs, and opinions are valid and worthy of consideration by me and by others.”


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