Ania Grimone

Ania Grimone MS, L.Ac, CPCC, C.H

BA in Business Administration, MS in Oriental Medicine, Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, NSight Executive Success Certified Coach, Certified in Change Management, Health Coach and Health Educator, National Board Certified In Chinese Herbology, Licensed, Acupuncturist, Certified NAET Practitioner, Certified PsychK Facilitator

Cyclist – Poet – Learner – Adventure Seeker – Entrepreneur

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About Ania Grimone

My career path was meandering. I finished my training in business administration in Poland and instead of working in the office I pursued a career in fashion. I traveled the world modeling and learning about cultures, traditions, different philosophes and…business. Then a twist of faith redirected me into getting a Masters Degree in  Chinese medicine and I became an acupuncturist and herbalist. In the course of my work I realized how profoundly mind and emotions impact physical health and begun learning ways to bring about change in mindset and behavior for truly lasting impact. It led me to multiple certifications in coaching from Co-Active Coaching Institute, Cornell University and National Institute of Whole Health. 

I continued learning different techniques to affect the mind and body and became trained in PsychK – a technique for shifting subconscious belief patterns and in NAET – technique to eliminate food and environmental sensitivities. 

I am currently pursuing a certification in Tantric Sexuality as I find this aspect of our health and humanity woefully ignored. 

My education coupled with real world experiences gave me an extensive knowledge in integrative therapies, wellness, prevention, behavior change and coaching. I use all that I have learned to help people, and especially women, thrive in the world where self care is  neither prioritized nor encouraged.

About Ania Grimone - Philosophy

You are creative, resourceful and whole. You are not broken and you do not need to be fixed. You are perfect as you are, and if you are struggling in life, it’s because you don’t see where you fail to prioritize your needs, your voice, your safety and your truth. 

I believe that everything is everything and breakdown in one area will, like a string of pearls, eventually unravel everything else. So I use an approach in which all parts of you are welcome. Where we address what’s going on in your body, in your mind, in your emotional heart and in your environment, and find ways to care for you in a way that brings you back to center. Of health. Of resilience. Of happiness. Of power. 

 I believe that self care is a right. It is essential. It is fundamental. 


Your ability to effectively care for yourself is the magic that will heal you, your family, your community and the whole planet. 

We practice this kind of magic 🙂

About Ania Grimone

Come back with me to 2008. I was working at a hospital as an acupuncturist with cancer patients. I was both grateful and excited for the opportunity to work at a great academic institution doing what I loved, bringing Chinese medicine into western medicine world. The stakes were high. I felt committed, optimistic, motivated and I wanted to prove myself. On this day I walked into a room of a 28 year old patient and offered her a treatment to help with side effects of chemo. She accepted and as I was putting needles in , she told me that she had brain tumor and was dying. She had 2 small children at home and worried about them. 

That day I went home and skipped dinner. I couldn’t focus on my son’s homework and didn’t hug my husband. The next week it happened again. In the following months it happened more and more often. 

I worked 36 hrs per week, and had a great schedule. I had time to exercise and do Yoga. I wasn’t sleeping and I was tired all the time, but taking more time for myself felt selfish, wimpy, weak. I had more important things to do,  and I didn’t ask for help because it was my job to help others. As a clinician, as a mother, as a wife, as a woman. That’s what I was taught anyway. 

A year later my marriage was on the rocks, my son didn’t want to spend any time with me, my thyroid was shot and I wanted to quit my job. 

I wasn’t depressed. I wasn’t anxious. I didn’t have a “problem”, but I found myself feeling spent, checked out, unmotivated, irritable and disconnected. I was miserable. It snuck up on me. Insidious, slow. Death by a thousand cuts. 

Something had to give and I declared that I was quitting my job. My family needed my income, so my husband asked me if there was any other way? 

For the next months and years I dedicated myself to figuring out what it takes to flourish when things don’t go well.  How do I  get motivated when I am not motivated? What it takes to get my needs met and not be a perpetual caretaker. How do I change my thoughts, habits, behaviors, beliefs? What does it take to thrive as a woman in society that takes women for granted? To be healthy, vibrant, vocal, sexually empowered and strong. 

I figured it out. I am 52 and feel better than I did at 32. I am proud to be a woman. I own my power, my sexulity, my choices, my voice. I deserve good things. I deserve to make myself a priority. 

I want to share with you what I have learned.

About Ania Grimone

I am not normal. I am contradiction. I am a woman. I am proud to be one. 

I am kind, unless I am not. I am aloof unless I decide to be fiercely loyal. I enjoy Dostoevsky as much as a raunchy sex novel, Guns and Roses as much as Maria Callas. I am a chocolate snob.

I don’t have many friends, but the ones I have, are for life. I live with one foot on the earth, and one in the mystic world of nature, energy and spirit, while being an adamant proponent and practitioner of science. I write poetry on my iphone when I am emotionally moved or upset. 

My primary love language is acts of service. INFP.  I am a chameleon without trying to be, because I am all that people see. I am equally happy riding a bike for 100 miles in one day, as I am with my ass on the couch eating salt and pepper potato chips and watching BBC melodrama on Netflix. 

My biggest joys are meandering philosophical conversation on the nature of reality and any kind of dance.  My biggest fear used to be for a stranger to chat me up. I am a fierce introvert without a gift of gab, and I am often described as a stuck up bitch.  I’m OK with it, if I can avoid small talk. I am intense, introspective and constantly demanding more of myself, but I also learned to get myself off the hook when I need it. My deepest desire is to belong, which I do. After 5 decades of seeking home, I finally belong to myself.

Self Care with Ania Quote

Before I worked with Ania, I went through breast cancer twice … I am better able to appreciate, honor, and love myself and trust that my feelings, thoughts, beliefs, and opinions are valid and worthy of consideration by me and by others.

Gail, Bank Manager, Chicago

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