Fear Busting Bootcamp

Get the Proven System to Convert Fear and Other Negative Emotions Into Tools for Success, Happiness and a Peace of Mind

Dear Stuck,

I know that you have big dreams. You are ready to stop worrying and start doing. You want to be, have and do the things you always wanted to because you can. You are willing, ready and able.

Being afraid and staying small and stuck is just too painful and out of alignment with who you really are.

It’s time to stop holding back. If you are sick of struggling, being held back by your fears and being on your own….

If you are tired of playing the worst case scenarios in your head…

If you are unclear about the best steps to deal with your fears and how to move forward…

If you are frustrated by having your energy, productivity and self worth zapped through your inability to solve this…

You are not alone – and I’d love to support you.

I created The Fear Busting Bootcamp to help you once and for all deal with fear and transform it into your secret weapon used to effectively build a life you are excited about…

This unique program is perfect for you if:

  • You want to get unstuck
  • You want to stop wasting energy on worry and anxiety
  • You are ready to see your dreams manifested and your goals finally off your “to do” list
  • You are committed to getting this handled once and for all

In my Fear Busting Bootcamp, you will learn how to use negative emotions,  and especially fear, to get you closer to your vision and if you don’t have a vision, we will help you create it. I give you the easiest path to emotional freedom

This mentoring program is completely unique. You won’t find any other course like it.

The secret sauce to not getting tripped up by your fear is the understanding the purpose of emotions and how they determine whether you are fully in control of your life, or reacting after the fact to everything that comes at you.

Nothing works without emotional mastery and understanding how to use your emotions, instead of being at their mercy and feeling scared, anxious and feeling out of control.

I am a master emotional fitness mentor and an expert at navigating change. My specialty is empowering you with being able to respond quickly and effectively to whatever change life throws your way, which it does all the time.

You will be able to remain calm, think clearly, find the right resources and creatively problem solve, so you can get to the next exciting chapter as soon as possible.

It’s going to be amazing to know that you are strong in the face of uncertainty and can face the future without fear.

Why this program works…

I love mentoring highly committed clients ready to get unstuck and move on with their lives.

You are way too important and your life is way too important to waste another day being stuck. You are READY to take your life to the next level.

The Fear Busting Bootcamp is such a powerful program because it is in-depth and gives you a comprehensive step-by-step system for moving past fear. Big or small. You build a foundation for your life that’s based on true emotional fitness so you can live your life as its happening instead of missing out lost in worry.

This is a high touch, personal program, where you are not just a number.

You get true implementation support and experiential training, so you can grow with confidence. You get personal support to apply our proven strategies to your life. You become crystal clear about how to use fear to help you move forward with ease.

In essence, you learn exactly how to create a mind of steel that can help you navigate any change, any transition and any life blow out that would ordinarily trigger fear, shutdown, and inertia.

Discover the 5 steps to the Emotional Freedom from Fear

  • Understand the role of uncomfortable emotions.

Why we have them and why we want to have them.  Why medicating or denying emotions is the fastest way to perpetuating misery. You will also learn the most powerful tool that will make sure you will never get stuck again.

  • What you are afraid of is not what you are afraid of.

How to understand the language of fear and never get tricked by your mind again.

  • Your motivation and hidden agendas.

How fear itself can flush out what drives your behavior, so you stop being reactive and running on automatic pilot.

  • Your road blocks and getting them out of the way.

Knowing what’s the right thing to do doesn’t translate into doing it. I show you what gets in your way and how to immediately remove these obstacles.

  • Map the way out of unstuck.

Learn how to quickly, effectively and without drama create an action plan, which you weren’t able to do for the past weeks or years.

It’s time to handle your fears once and for all

When you are ready, the mentor appears. That’s when you need to say YES and commit to your vision. Trust yourself. You were born to live your life, not cower in fear and missing out on it. Fear Busting Bootcamp gives you deeply supportive learning, mentoring and community you need to grow with clarity and confidence.

Here is your next step

Join us for this amazing journey out of fear, worry and anxiety and into the next exciting stage of your life. Experience what happens when nothing has the power to rattle you for too long and slow your progress. When you always feel fully in control of  yourself, your emotional state and know how to chose what is in your best interest and serves your highest purpose, vision and desire.

What our clients are saying?

I have learned so much about myself, gotten past fears and apprehensions, explored possibilities, and considered new openings

“Many doors have opened, many mountains have been climbed! Because the journey is endless, I think the results will keep coming!  It has caused a shift in my perspective at a deeper level which has given me a sense of confidence to find myself in new situations and understand that I will shine through, or at least learn something new”

Vijay Vethentham


“ I am unstuck and moving forward with my writing in a way that allows me to express my creativity and to try to achieve my goal of becoming a published writer”

“It has changed my life so far in ways other than my writing”

Lila Flaum

Attorney, Writer

“My biggest challenge was that I never knew how to address my negative feelings. It was hard for me to admit a lot of my deepest fears and worries”

“I found a new career in the industry that I am passionate about and I am quickly climbing the ladder”

Carole DeBosse

Procurement Officer

“It helped me realize what I truly wanted and needed and was too afraid, too tired and too confused to achieve without help”

“I quit a dead-end job and succeeded in what really matters – my health and happiness”

Candice Allen

Movie Producer

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