Why is change stressful?

Because it threatens our sense of safety and stability. That is obvious. But what we don’t often put our finger on is that if one aspect of our lives changes, everything changes.

Change isn’t just logistical.

It forces us to reevaluate every aspect of our lives and because of that, we don’t often know which way to turn.

There are too many moving pieces.

There is stuff we have to do, we have old responsibilities, but now there are also new things related to this change. We may need to modify behavior, reevaluate perspectives, challenge old ways of doing and thinking. 

There are conversations we need to have, emotions like fear or grief or anger. Some that are ours, some that belong to others in our surrounding.

Having lived in 6 countries, thriving in 4 careers, having gone through loss, divorce, parenthood and collapse of communist regime, when during Marshall Law, being sequestered in our homes was the least of our worries, I have become an expert on change and transition.

Because change happens in a moment, it is situational. What follows is transition, which is a psychological adjustment to the change.

Unmanaged transition makes change unmanageable

Join me for this rapid fire live boot camp on change and transitions where I give you a system to navigate any storm,  and remove overwhelm and confusion. 

You will create your own map out of the chaos, regain confidence and find stability that comes from feeling in control again.  

You  become resilient, learn to adapt and to come out on the other side stronger, happier and fearless against any change.

What you get:

  • 12 live one hour group calls where we go over one aspect of change per call. 

  • You will learn the concept on the go and will work live on adapting it to your specific situation. 

  • You will be able to ask questions live and get support of the group.

  • You will get handouts during class to support your journey.

If you can’t make it live, you will receive the recordings and the supporting handouts in an email.

So here is what we are going to do. This is a change bootcamp. It’s meant to be quick and practical. Instead of feeling paralyzed by fear or overwhelm, you will gain a superpower that comes from understanding the process and knowing exactly what to do. 

If you have a broken pipe in the house, you will panic, unless you are a plumber. You would panic seeing your loved one with a broken leg, unless you are a surgeon. Knowing what to do makes all the difference. 

At the end of this class, you will know how to do change. Without emotional overload, panic or drama. We will give language to what’s happening, so you know whatever you are experiencing is normal and I’ll give you strategies  to handle each stage of the transition.

Learn how to do change with the

Mastering Change and Transition
Live Bootcamp