Mastering Transitions Coaching

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Is This You?
In this modern era, when the world changes at the increasingly rapid speed, we find ourselves having less and less space and time to appropriately and effectively respond and adapt  to what’s coming at us. By the time we get a sense of what is happening, the world is another three steps ahead. We play constant catch up, do damage control or emergency management or even worse, we shut down and fall further behind. It can result on a personal level in a feeling of overwhelm, burnout, hopelessness, anxiety and fear and on an global level to the chaos, which slowly stifles and cripples our lives.
  • You experienced a major life event like illness, death of a loved one, divorce, job loss, menopause, or anything else that blew up your normal.
  • You feel lost and confused and have no idea what to do next.
  • You are afraid of the future and the worry is zapping your energy.
  • You stopped taking care of yourself because of all the stress only to feel worse.
  • You want to lower stress, but don’t have an hour to meditate every day and have no idea what else to do.
  • You lost your support system (or you never had it) and feel that you are left alone to pick up the pieces.
  • You have no idea what you want or what would make you happy now.
  • You wonder what this was all about and want to find your purpose and plan to achieve it, but don’t know where to start.
To be successful at meaningful change, you must have a plan and a system to effectively navigate every aspect of the transition.

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Why Coaching?

Nobody ever questions why professional athletes, leaders of countries or big companies have a coach. We assume that, of course, if they want to be the best at their professions and do it under pressure, they need someone who will help bring out their genius. The coach will work with them to hone their skills, identify blind spots and develop strategies to grow bigger muscles, more effective leadership, improved creativity, communication skills or whatever they need. After all they have an important job to do. Well, your life is the most important job that you get to do. Don’t you want to be at the top of your game?

That’s what coaching does. It applies the same strategies used by the most successful people in all areas to bring out your genius, your strengths, identify your blind spots and trip ups and pull out of you all of the resources necessary to deal with what life throws at YOU. You become less rattled and less stressed. You feel more empowered, your communication improves, so your relationships get better and conflict goes down. You get to progressively develop and grow in areas that are important to you. Depending on your objectives you may become more confident, more effective, more productive, more clear, more creative and overall higher functioning in any area you chose to apply it to? Coaching is like attending the University of You. And just like at the end of college, the idea is to leave it equipped with skills for an independent, successful career. Only in this case it is your life we are talking about.

How Coaching Supports Change And Transition?

Time of rapid change and transition is the time when you need access to all of your strengths and resources. You want to be clear, effective and emotionally strong and don’t want to be held back by fear, anxiety or overwhelm. Yet, the exact opposite happens. Life blows up and the stress of that makes you blind. You are unable to decide who you are, what you want and what you should be doing. It is really valuable at this point to have a guide at your side, who will help you clarify your outcome, identify your strengths as well as isolate and overcome the obstacles. You will be able to create the best possible plan, while having a safe space and accountability, so you can get stuff handled and feel good about. Coaching is about activating your superpower to be able to handle anything anytime. It’s about expanding your ability to deal with bad stuff, create good stuff and grow in the process. Why? So you become who you want to be, can live life feeling like you are in the driver seat and enjoy the ride a bit more every day.

Client Stories
Ania helped me through the most difficult time of my life after receiving a bad health diagnoses and suffering through everything that came with it – insomnia, panic attacks, self-doubt and financial worries.
Candice A.

Freelance Movie Producer, Chicago

Before I worked with Ania, I went through breast cancer twice … I am better able to appreciate, honor, and love myself and trust that my feelings, thoughts, beliefs, and opinions are valid and worthy of consideration by me and by others.

Bank Manager, Chicago

Before I started coaching I was stuck professionally. As a result of working with Ania I found a new career that I love in an industry that I’m passionate about and I’m quickly climbing the ladder.
Carol D.

Procurement Officer, Chicago