Become the one who doesn’t fear change.

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I know…

I know you are probably not a fan of change. You love the peace and quiet that comes from things just humming along. And then something happens and disrupts all of that and the peace is gone.

Or maybe you are not quite happy with how things are, but the fear of change keeps you from taking your life to another level.

It is time to stop resisting change, because 

  1. It is the only thing you can absolutely count on
  2. It is a sign that you are alive

Change should NOT be Overwhelming or Scary!

If you…

  • are struggling with adjusting and moving through a major life change
  • feel afraid, overwhelmed, angry, anxious, stressed or tired
  • are unsure what to do
  • don’t want to do this alone

Know that you are not alone and
I would love to support you

I created the Mastering Transitions Inner Circle to help you grieve, de-stress, connect, brainstorm, vision, strategize, plan, learn, grow, expand, be held and assist you in all steps of successful transition to the next, brighter chapter of your life. 

This exclusive mentorship program is perfect for you if you want to…

  • No longer be afraid of change.
  • Stop managing stress and learn to live without it
  • Know exactly what the next step is and the next and the next, when something disrupts your normal or when you want to invite change in your life
  • Be able to learn from the successes and mistakes of others, so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel
  • Learn about self care and remaining physically strong to withstand the chaos
  • Increase emotional resilience
  • Feel like there is always someone in your corner

Join the Mastering Transitions Inner Circle for FREE!

In my Mastering Transitions Inner Circle you’ll become so good at change that you anticipate and welcome it, always making the best of what life throws at you.

You will no longer see change as something scary and will know how to help your loved ones through their own struggles with change. 

Most importantly you feel good. You have time to take care of YOUR needs and you have the ability mentally and emotionally to adapt.

This exclusive program is completely unique.  You will not find any other mentoring group out there that will provide support in every aspect of change and transition. 

The secret sauce to successful transition is understanding the anatomy of change and how different stages require different strategies.

Nothing works right without this map that tells you exactly what is needed at exactly the right time.

I am an experienced change mechanic and mentor and specialize in taking fear and overwhelm out of life transitions.

Six countries of residence, three careers, abusive relationships, miscarriage, motherhood, empty nest, marriage, divorce, loss of loved ones and starting a business taught me some ninja skills of navigating through disruptive change, building emotional resilience and becoming resistant to fear.

Proven System+ Self Care + Support = Smooth Change

You were not born to live an extraordinary life just to live in fear when it is actually happening.

Learn to make the best of inevitable changes with


Welcome to the

Mastering Transitions Inner Circle

Group Mentoring Community for Making Change EASIER and MORE FUN

How we’re different from other mentoring communities…

Transparent Mentoring

I am to committed to your success and see no reason to hide my struggles and successes! If you want to know something, all you need to do is ask!

Our twice monthly calls will support you through a mix of live training and mentoring.


Worried about fear taking over, shutting down or running out of juice? 

Our semi-monthly calls and community will keep you on track. It will guide you through fear, refocus your attention, help you identify resources and get you moving again. 

You’ll never feel alone when you have the support of our team and community!

Emphasis on Self Care

If you are looking for a community that will encourage you to push through, take care of everyone else first, always think positive and just “get over” your fears this is NOT the community for you.

We will help you through life’s big changes without sacrificing your health and well-being or faking anything. Eliminating stress by any means possible is a big part of what we do.

Community Directed
Mentoring Calls

We believe that when you succeed, we succeed, so we’re dedicated to supporting you however we can! 

Have a topic or question you would like discussed on a mentoring call? Let us know!


We believe  that when you are happy, others are happy. Your family, friends, coworkers, employers, employees and every person you come in contact with will benefit. Your happiness changes communities and the world at large. 

With deep roots in behavior change, we will help you develop a heartfelt, purpose driven future!

Join the Mastering Transitions Inner Circle for Only $1!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I can't make the semi-monthly calls. Should I even bother joining?

A: YES! We welcome your questions in our private member community, and will answer any questions we receive either in the group directly or on the call. All calls are recorded and the recordings are available to (re)watch in our member library.

Q: Where is the private member community?

A: Our member community is located in Slack. We think you will be blown away by the organization and collaboration contained within!

Q: What does "Access to Experts" mean?

A: Simply put, it means you can connect with us within the private member community or on our twice-monthly calls. We  monitor the group Monday-Friday 9am-5pm CST, and also occasionally during the weekend. NOTE: In our commitment to self care, we step away from work for much needed R&R too.

Q: How are my monthly payments processed?

A: Monthly payments are accepted via credit or debit card only. Charges will run every month, on the day on which you signed up.

Q: What if I need/want additional support?

A: Mastering Transitions offers a variety of programs and services. Just tell us what you need and we will point you in the right direction. If we can’t do it, we will help you find someone who can.

Q: Does the Mastering Transitions Mastermind require a contract or minimum commitment?

A: No.You are welcome to cancel your membership at any time. Simply email to cancel.