"Getting started is breaking your complex overwhelming tasks into small manageable tasks, and then starting on the first one". ~ Mark Twain


When something major happens in our lives, be it an event like an illness or divorce or a natural end of an era like empty nest, carrer change, menopause or retirement, we are faced with a need to change. We may have to change our habits or routines, and often we are called upon to redefine our priorities, our focus and our purpose. We need to do something else or be someone else. 

There is a challenge here though. We are NOT programmed for rapid change. If your blood pressure or temperature goes up and down by a narrow margin, you are in trouble. If you never exercised and try to run a marathon, you will injure yourself and may even endanger your life. Rapid change sets off stress response and under stress our ability to think, reason, plan and be creative shuts down. There is no time for logical thinking when you are being chased by a lion. Your body’s response to a real lion is the same as any other situation that threatens your sense of safety and stability.



 I have designed a Mastering Transitions system, which effectively addresses every aspect of change:

  • You learn to let go of the past and attachment to what was while bringing with you what was useful and valuable.
  • You eliminate stress response and learn how to improve energy and get your body to function at it’s best, so you have the stamina to do what’s needed.
  • You learn to manage emotions and operate at your peak resourceful state.
  • You get clear about what you want.
  • You create a plan on how to get it.
  • You identify potential pitfalls and learn how to avoid them.
  • You begin to build a life based on what is most important to you right now. Life where you can honor and learn from the past, appreciate the change and redesign yourself so the next stage is meaningful and fulfilling, rich in joy, love, purpose and connection.


If you are a process kind of person and need to know what you will be doing, this is what happens along the way:

1. We start with a fundamental assumption that every person is naturally creative, resourceful and whole. You are not broken, do not need to be fixed, you are sacred being and have everything you need to succeed at life. 

2. We create a safe space for exploration and learning, where there is no judgment and no concept of how things “should be”. It fosters trust, playfulness, creativity, learning, incredible insights and lasting change

3. You are guided through a series of systematic steps which address dealing with the past, self care, and mastering emotions. 

4. You become ultra clear about your big WHY, your values and reasons for wanting to move forward, so there is no confusion as to what to focus on and what to do. 

5. We create a map, by understanding exactly where we are now, where we are going and what might be getting in the way. 

6. We create accountability through calls, emails or text so the learning gets applied and results start rolling in

7. Along the way, I provide you with resources specific to your individual goals. 

8. To work through inevitable obstacles, I help you identify and quickly, permanently eliminate limiting beliefs, which get in the way of succeeding at life you want to create. It’s magic

9. We never forget to celebrate.



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