Sexy Leadership

How to Lead and Thrive Through a
Full Expression of Feminine Power

Experience your life as a wonder woman rooted in
sexual energy and the practice of the unapologetic self. 

Join me live for 8 weeks of exploration
and up-leveling of every aspect of
you as a woman.

Sexy Leadership Deep Dive Neurological Safety
Sexy Leadership Deep Dive Connect with Your Body
Sexy Leadership Deep Dive Sex Magic

Sexy Leadership Deep Dive

This program will take your relationship with yourself to the new depths where you will:

  • Learn and practice creating neurological safety in your system to be less reactive and stressed regardless of circumstances
  • Become an expert in accessing your subconscious beliefs and learn how to effectively shift them.
  • Develop a deep understanding of and the ability to connect with your body, so you can recognize which self-care practices will help you optimize your health and vitality in order to thrive. 
  • Understand how to increase your personal power by tapping into multiple sources. 
  • Learn about sex magic and how to use your sexual energy to clear your mind, heal your body, manifest dreams, and increase your leadership.
  • Strengthen your communication and negotiation skills, so you can be heard and become a better influencer.
  • Connect to your deeper purpose and learn how desires rooted in values are the fuel for living the life you were designed for.
  • Improve your relationship with resources and be able to generate more money and attract better relationships.
  • Create a map to your most empowered Wonder Woman

This is a potent and transformative space for you to do some deep learning, exploring, healing, and sharing, while supported both by the staff and your community.

This program will transform how you operate in the world by elevating your personal power and elevating your sexuality and aliveness in every area of your life. 

Think of it like doing a Tantric retreat for your leadership…

You’ll learn potent tools to expand your intimate and erotic connection with yourself and explore new ways of being in and with your body and mind … all from the comfort of your own (bed)room!

We’ll do weekly LIVE Deep-Dive Sessions where you learn to hold a safe space for yourself, strengthen your connection to your body, and intuition, ignite sacred sexuality, and care for yourself in ways that make you absolutely thrive.

Sounds like the exact retreat you could use right now?

Then this is the program for you!

Tantric Retreat for Leadership
Sexy Leadership You Will Get

In this super special personal power program you will get:

  • Amazing tools and practices that will bring a sense of safety, resilience, independence, and trust in yourself and your abilities
  • Connection tools that help you connect to your subconscious programming, so you can use it for your own benefit
  • Real, practical tools to bring your physical body into a state of balance and thriving
  • High-level communication skills so you can avoid arguing and instead focus on deep connection and elevating the level of interaction and collaboration
  • Techniques and tools to cut through the self-doubt to gain an ability to make the decisions that always support your highest good
  • Tantra and sacred sexuality tools that bring a renewed sense of passion, aliveness, and attraction to your life and the people in it
  • A profoundly safe space to share, explore, and play together freely, authentically, and with NO judgment, ever

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